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Vegas Cultural Hotel Chengdu (Kuanzhai Alley)

Vegas Cultural Hotel Chengdu (Kuanzhai Alley) is located in Qintai Road, a characteristic street in the center of Chengdu, which gathers modern prosperity and traditional historical atmosphere; Close to the elegant charm of Sichuan style, you can experience Sichuan's unique skills such as face changing, lamp rolling and fire spitting; Close to two free Parks - Cultural Park and Baihuatan Park, you can experience the beautiful scenery in the park as well as the authentic Chengdu life - drinking tea and playing mahjong, which is a good place for you to relax your body and mind; The hotel is located within the inner ring road in the center of Chengdu, with superior geographical location, dense subway and bus, convenient transportation, and not adjacent to the main street beside the Cultural Park, so the living environment is very quiet; The hotel is a few minutes walk from the Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley and Qingyang Temple spots. The famous snack street Jinli Street, the essence of Shu Han culture, the home of the great poet, the busy shopping center, Chunxi Road, has only a few minutes' drive.
Weijiasi'an business culture hotel is a theme culture hotel, including 40 single / standard rooms, including surfing bathtub room, bridal chamber and candle room, family viewing room, exotic room and classical rooms of various styles in the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty and Republic of China, with an area of 27-55 square meters, equipped with high-end bedding, complete furniture, and free wireless broadband Internet access in all rooms; From the window of the room, you can have a good view of the park.
Based on humanized service, weijiasi'an business culture hotel provides bilingual service in both Chinese and English, so that domestic and foreign guests can communicate smoothly. No matter you travel in the city or travel, it can provide you with the most accurate and timely information. At the same time, it can also directly arrange tourist car rental for guests, which is more convenient and flexible. It also provides you with pick-up and train service, free luggage storage, The hotel has a complete rest area, providing all kinds of Chinese and Western fast food, you can taste the world's food at home.
Weijiasi'an business culture hotel is a cultural and art theme hotel with fashion taste. It is committed to building the service quality of Weijiasi series luxury boutique chain hotels in China's local market. While taking you to appreciate the value-added service, the hotel's beautiful and comfortable living atmosphere and convenient traffic environment are your most ideal place to stay!

Breakfast price: CNY20($3.1) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet


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Vegas Cultural Hotel Chengdu (Kuanzhai Alley)
Tel: +86-28-87022366
Add.: 65 Qintai Road, near Baihuatan Park